Tuesday, January 9, 2018


Multi track Machine most suited to pack products at high speed available in 2 - 10 tracks in four side seal idelly suited to pack tea, coffee, supari, mouth freshner, free flowing powder, ketchup, hair oil, Shampoo, pesticides and similar products.

Unitek Multitrack machine is a state of the art of technology
for packing liquid, pastes, ketchup, tea/ coffee,
spices and similar products in heat sealable laminated film.
Its an intermittent machine PLC operated equipped
with PID temperature controller film unwinding
unit ,web control system,electromagnetic
clutch & Break system/ servo system.
The machine can form 2 track- 8 track depending
upon the width of sachet & the sealing
jaws are adj ustable for varioussachet width.
The machine is fabricated of mild
steel painted with epoxy/ powder coating.
Sealing j aw are of SS/ special grade of high carbon steel.
All product contact parts are food grade stainless steel.

Description Uni MLT 800* Uni MLT 600* Uni MLT 400*
Machine Speed Upto 80 SPM Depending
on the product & quality
to be packed
Upto 70 SPM Upto 65 SPM
Packing Range 0.2 ml/ gms to 20ml/ gms 4ml/ gms to 100ml/ gms 4ml/ gms to 100ml/ gms
No. of Tracks Depending on the Pouch
width( 8 -10 track)
Depending on the Pouch
width( 8 -10 track)
Upto 4 track
Max. Roll Width 800mm 600mm 400mm
Max.Roll Dia 500m 500mm 500mm
Max.Length of pouch Programmable 250mm 150mm
Film Draw Mechanism Option
a) -Servo based
b) -clutch & break
Clutch & Break Clutch & Break
Web Controller Option
a) - Electronic web edge control
b) -Pneumo hydraulic web
edge controller.
Pneumo hydraulic
web edge controller
Pneumo hydraulic
web edge controller
Compressed Air 2 CFM @6 kg/ cm sq . 2 CFM @6 kg/ cm sq. 2 CFM @6 kg/ cm sq
Power 9.4kw 7.6kw 5.0kw
Dimension ( L* W* H) 4000mm* 1600mm* 2700mm 2100mm* 1500mm* 2700mm 18 0mm* 120mm* 2500mm
Net Weight 2200kg 1500kg 1200kg

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