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Please furnish the below mentioned information to offer the most suitable packaging solution to meet with your production requirements.
  • Product Name to be Packed in machine
  • Gms / Kg / Ml / No of pieces
  • Three side seal/Center Seal / Pillow pack/etc.
  • Sealable Laminated/Polyester/Metalized/Aluminum laminated foil/Paper poly/etc.
  • Please furnish in mm
  • Yes No
    Requirement of Nitrogen Flushing :
  • Output per minute or per hour
  • Automatic Semi – Automatic
    Type of Machine:
  • Hot foil Stamping/Ink jet printer/TTO Printer
  • Un skilled Semi skilled Skilled
    Skill level of the Operator:
  • Accessories:
  • 440 v – 50 Hz / 220 v – 50 Hz

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